The deeper the blue, the more it summons man into infinity, arousing his yearning for purity and ultimately transcendence.
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     Eva Green at the “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” Premiere in Hollywood (19 Aug 2014)

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All 5 main dragons of HTTYD in Maya style!
I’ll definitely be doing more of these in the future, they were a lot of fun.

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Limbourg Brothers: ‘October’, in: Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (15th century)

If you are interested in all the details shown, read this lovely, short description on The World According to Art

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Ruins with Obelisk in the Distance, 1775

~ Hubert Robert


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friendly reminder that if we’re mutuals and you wanna exchange snapchat names or instagram or something you’re more than welcome (encouraged) to shoot me an ask

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i did my laundry this morning because i got up at a decent hour and don’t have class until noon. and also the fall term exam schedule is posted and the class i TA for has an exam on the 8th of december so i might have a decently long winter break? pls lord

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also happy october i am drinking pumpkin flavored tea;  look at me getting up before 10 like a pseudo-productive being;  the exciting life and times;  

Richard Armitage photographed by Sarah Dunn

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brah chill



Canada evolves

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wasn't it a team of canadian scientists who put spider genes into goat cells or something like that;  i would not be surprised if this were next;  they're already massing at the border;  WAKE UP AMERICA;  

i was supposed to give a presentation on a greek inscription in my seminar class today but we got through everyone but me (and there are only 6 people in the class) so i get to go next week so i just signed up for a free trial of a “make your own family tree” website just so i could make my presentation look stellar

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surprise my inscription is from a kingdom that split off from the seleucids;  surprise hellenistic kings blogging;  like if my greek was good enough i'm pretty sure i'd just devote my time to studying hellenistic near-eastern monarchies;  and how they interacted with the romans;  







And finally a European jacket from 1899 which shows the very heavy military influence in women’s clothing during the last few years of the 19th century.

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